OCD & a Career? You Bet.

Yesterday, I got this question from a blog reader:

Do you think people with OCD can have a successful career? Do you know people who have OCD but also got a great career? Thank you very much Jackie. You’re the best 🙂

careerHello dear, thanks for the question and compliment!

In a nutshell: yes, absolutely!

I am actually enjoying two careers right now: I recruit for a university and write novels. This is such a dream for me because I love-love-love getting to work with high school and college students who are so passionate and in such a wild time of life and transition. And, of course, writing is my calling. I am so grateful to be able to write for a publisher I deeply respect.

In addition:

My friend A is an author and editor.

My friends C and E are therapists.

My friend L is a teacher.

Do we have days where OCD flares up and makes things difficult? Absolutely. But everyone I have mentioned has taken their OCD diagnosis seriously and pursued treatment, which has allowed each of us to continue to thrive in our careers. 



ocd awareness week

Hey, everyone! It’s International OCD Awareness Week 2015! With that in mind, I just want to write a few words:

OCD is a debilitating anxiety disorder. There’s nothing funny about it.

OCD is treatable. The frontline treatment is Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy.

I suffered for 15 years before being diagnosed and another 5 before undergoing proper treatment. Just 12 weeks of ERP broke my 20-year bondage.

To God by the glory!