OCD & a Career? You Bet.

Yesterday, I got this question from a blog reader:

Do you think people with OCD can have a successful career? Do you know people who have OCD but also got a great career? Thank you very much Jackie. You’re the best 🙂

careerHello dear, thanks for the question and compliment!

In a nutshell: yes, absolutely!

I am actually enjoying two careers right now: I recruit for a university and write novels. This is such a dream for me because I love-love-love getting to work with high school and college students who are so passionate and in such a wild time of life and transition. And, of course, writing is my calling. I am so grateful to be able to write for a publisher I deeply respect.

In addition:

My friend A is an author and editor.

My friends C and E are therapists.

My friend L is a teacher.

Do we have days where OCD flares up and makes things difficult? Absolutely. But everyone I have mentioned has taken their OCD diagnosis seriously and pursued treatment, which has allowed each of us to continue to thrive in our careers. 


6 thoughts on “OCD & a Career? You Bet.

  1. Love this! OCD has been hindering me a lot career-wise in this season and it’s so encouraging to see this list of awesome careers that people are holding with OCD

  2. I am so glad that someone asked you this, this is something that I have been wondering for a while myself, and I feel like alot of those who suffer can agree as well. Although I am pursuing ERP and feel SO much better, I get worried that OCD will interfere with my future career or parenting abilities. But I know that I all of this is uncertain, I can deal with it when the time comes, as for now I am taking all of the steps that I can to deal with this issue head on and that’s all that matters. Sorry for the rant, I am just so happy other people are curious about this too!

  3. I often find tasks help keep my mind busy in a good way, and lessen the chances of unwanted thoughts. Though at times I can find starting tasks difficult as it is hard get my mind to focus. After years of being held back, I am determined to make something of myself career wise. Thank you for sharing these examples, this is very encouraging.

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