Overwhelmed, Both Good & Bad

I know my fellow #enneagram4 peeps will probably understand this. I am just so OVERWHELMED.

Some of it is not even BAD overwhelmedness. I feel overwhelmed by how much I want to do, by how many projects I want to tackle, by how many books I want to read, things I’d like to explore, people I’d love to meet. I want to know how to upholstery. I want to learn embroidery. I would love to have a beautiful front yard garden. I want to invest in people and fall in love and be kinder to my body. I want to write write write. I want ice cream.

I am also overwhelmed by the hard, scary, broken things, though I feel less inclined to list them. Finances and broken hearts and enduring shame and work stress and really, truly wanting to be the best possible version of myself NOW, RIGHT NOW, despite knowing this is a lifelong journey.

Tonight I can read, text a few dear friends to check up on them, get some great rest.

Tomorrow, ice cream.

One step at a time, right?


OCD, OCPD, & Perfectionism

Here’s a great article about where OCD and perfectionism differ and where they intersect.

It begins:

“The terms obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and perfectionism tend to be used interchangeably to describe an individual who desires order, is goal-oriented, and has high personal standards. However, there are several important distinctions. To start, OCD is a diagnosable mental health condition, whereas perfectionism is a personality trait. That said, perfectionism can be a trait seen in OCD.”

I encourage you to read the rest of the article at https://www.choosingtherapy.com/perfectionism-and-ocd!