I love creativity in all its varied wardrobe!  I have sub-pages to share with you about my short stories and poetry, my novels, the literary journal I founded, as well as my book recommendations.

Here are a few other posts you may enjoy:

The Creative Thinker
Childhood Creativity
Teenage Creativity
My Writing History
Accidental Novelist
How I Got an Agent
Date a Girl Who Writes
Creative Growth
My First Draft Disclaimer/Declaration/Manifesto

The Creative Process
Fiction: How I Start
Truth Tripline
The Writing Journey
My Writing Process
My Creative Process
Trusting the Creative Process

Critiques & Feedback
My Love/Hate Relationship with Feedback
A Good Kind of Scar

Writer Rants
Writing is Hard … But Worth It (I Think)
Just One More
Such a Novice
Manic Writer
Writing a Book is Hard
Next Time I Start a New Novel

Writing Resources
Counting the Cost
Why Write?
Best Books on Writing

Faith & Writing
Love in the Form of Story
Why Christians Should Write

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