The Freckled Actress Grows Resolute

When I heard this song today, I said, “In the movie of my life, this song would play while I FIGURED OUT THE ANSWER and MADE THINGS RIGHT.”

I shall now listen to it on repeat until I figure out the answer and make things right. 🙂

Listen below– I have it set to start toward the ending (you know, where the actress who plays Jackie [Emma Stone??] suddenly looks up, wipes her tears, gets to her feet and starts running toward the home of “that guy” [Matthew Gray Gubler??] or else sits down at an old-fashioned typewriter [c’mon, a laptop wouldn’t be as cool] and there’s a montage of pages of a manuscript piling up).

What song(s) would be featured on your life’s soundtrack?


There is something so lovely about short long-term goals.

Yes, short. long. term.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the summer of 2020, which will mark 20 years since I graduated high school, and what I want to be true of my life by that time. Two years feels like the perfect amount of time: enough time to make a serious dent in things, but imminent enough to start right now.

I’ve lost a lot of confidence this year. I haven’t been writing, and I find myself scared to even open my manuscript. That’s a long fall from 2015, when my debut novel came out, but it feels like a million things have happened since then to chip away at my confidence. If it was once a sculpture, it is now dust. Too much has happened.

But I also know that confidence is not a stagnant thing. For me, it has ebbed and flowed like the tide. I still am a great speaker, I am creative, thoughtful, and smart. I love stories and believe in their power.

Concrete is made of three things: water, aggregate, and cement.

I have my gravel: the past.

I have water: the future.

And I have cement, the glue that will bind it all together: an abiding love for story and a calling to write.

Slowly I will rebuild.

2020, I am coming for you.


The Silver Lining of a Greasy Floor

I took my favorite six-year-old to Snuffy’s for malts and conversation.

She chose a cherry & cookie dough malt. (I know.)

We played Would You Rather.

Miss E: Would you rather live in a mansion or … under the table here at Snuffy’s?

Me: Ummm … a mansion.

Miss E, with pure joy in her eyes: I’d rather live here! Then I could make malts anytime I wanted!

Oh, that joy. I love her beautiful, pure heart.