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“This story is unapologetically honest, deeply resonant, and told in gorgeous, vibrant prose.”

“I just finished Truest and I love it! It is beautiful and sad and hopeful and real all at the same time.”

“Occam’s razor — if you’ve never heard of it, you’ve never read Truest.  The principle says that among two competing theories, the simplest explanation is the better of the two.  Yet the characters in Truest struggle for answers to questions that lack simple explanations.  The story perfectly balances both sadness and joy, darkness and light.  It doesn’t offer easy answers, but instead suggests that perhaps even in the darkest times, we can find love, hope, and maybe even peace.”

Truest captured my attention from the first line and held it tight until the last. Jackie Lea Sommers writes with piercing insight and fresh lyricism, evoking every sense and emotion. Fans of John Green will be awed by this rich, funny, thought-provoking book that belongs on everyone’s bookshelf.”  

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46 thoughts on “Truest

  1. I stand in awe and am proud to have been a part of your life from day 1. What a joy it has been to watch you evolve to the woman you have become. And I can hardly wait to read my signed copy of your book.

  2. Hello, I am a new follower and a new blogger! Your book sounds amazing and I would love to read it! I am currently writing my first novel if I actually get it finished and published and all that who knows but, I hope I do!!

  3. A few caveats before my actual comment
    1. It is probably close to the opposite of what you are hoping for
    2. As someone who has not read much fiction (and even less YA fiction), my response is probably terribly uninformed.
    3. It probably says much more about my insecurities and high school experience than anything else.

    Having said all that, I must admit that my first emotional response to this description that I feel sorry for West’s boyfriend. I hope he has some role to play in the story beyond being unceremoniously dumped to show where West’s true affections lie, like Rose’s husband in Titanic. I suppose I’ll have to read the book to find out 🙂

  4. Jackie – Better get a wrist brace because you must do an author presentation/signing for us in Kimba11. So happy you are being recognized for your ta1ent and hard work. You are amazing!!!

  5. I honestly love your book so much. I have been enthusiastically recommending it to everyone I know who loves reading as much as I do. The way you were able to create characters who were not only intellectually smart, but also physically attractive and so so HUMAN is astounding to me. I am still in High school, but I want to be an author one day, and this only boosted my enthusiasm.

    • Corinne, what a sweet comment! Thank you for making my day! I’m delighted that you loved Truest and the characters. Silas, West, and Laurel mean a lot to me, and I’m glad they mean a lot to you too!

      How exciting that you plan to be an author. Are you working on any writing projects right now?

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