7 Things You Never Knew About Me

7 things1. When I was little, I was so shy I could barely talk to grown-ups. My dad would take me to the local bowling alley and let me get a candy bar if I’d ask for it myself at the bar. Somewhere I found the guts … anything for chocolate!

2. I’ve always battled with the desire to be the best. I didn’t just want an A; I wanted the best score in the class. I’m still this way. Sometimes I think it’s served me well (I’m a hard worker), but sometimes it kicks my butt (no one can be perfect– not everyone is going to love me … or my stories).

3. I can probably out-passive-aggressive you. That said, I have no qualms in asking for what I want.

4. I’ve been recruiting for almost a dozen years now. It’s a weird and not too enjoyable feeling to watch the kids I recruited get married before me.

5. My particular combination of strengths means that productivity is rewarding to me and relaxation is hard to come by, partly because it’s not supremely enjoyable to me. I get more pleasure out of creating than resting.

6. Except for my 3 years in college and the 3 years after, I’ve always been debt-free. It’s overwhelming to take on a mortgage. I’m terrifically motivated to pay it off early.

7. Mediocrity terrifies me.