Wendy Darling


You know it would have never worked.

Still, you remember his wild eyes
the night he showed you London
in a way you’d never seen.

The stars meant things to him,
especially the second to the right.

And you wanted him to love you
enough to leave, but you didn’t
love him enough
to stay.

The ground feels cold—
but solid—
beneath your quiet feet.

Wendy and Peter




Wringing the Rubik’s cube for a solution,
gentle skill reconciles nine tiny blue squares to become a face
segregated from the greens, reds, and yellows.
Your nimble fingers work salvation into the block
then offer it to me, a finished product fallen to my lap.
Music plays, people talk, we tell stories—life continues—
as I confuse the cube into madness and return it again.


Seven Friends

We were supposed to make promises,
let our tongues taste commitment
and then say things aloud.

But the afternoon sun made us lazy,
lying on the warm wood of that dock,
while one—I think it was you—
dragged a reed through the waters,
that slick rip the only noise.

We were sixteen, seventeen, and
thought we’d already made our plans,
imagined the future was our own.

Seven of us that summer, and the next,
only two.

You and I made awkward conversation,
their absences throbbing like wounds
between us as we wished for that day

on the dock, when—given another chance—
we would have found our voices.


Untitled, for Lane

for Lane

I can never forget the summer night that
turned into morning with no help from us.
We talked about waiting
but barely knew the word.

And I always thought I could teach you things,
but you were chasing sunsets and pyramids,
islands and adventure.

My words were never the hammock
where you’d nap on lazy days.

I became a moon, orbiting you,
and you became the boy
who never looked at the sky.

Luna by Adeline Spengler

Luna by Adeline Spengler

Foot in the Fire


It shocks you, this moment,
when the priority of truth
flies over the chair and out the door,
trumped by purpose and wonder.

But the sky above is proof you get it all:
truth, reason, and the blazing sentinel stars.


Power & Poetry

When the stars fall, then do they fall to you?
Do you collect them in your room, in your fists?

And is your blood red like ours,
or a string of lyrics, if you opened your vein?
The scar, the recipe for spring.

Your hesitations reinvent color.
Your choices taste like fireworks.

Your whispers, the ghosts of philosophers,
the ones who spoke truth as best they knew how.


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