She’s always writing.

… and maybe you don’t care.  That’s fine too. 🙂

But if you want to know and understand me, you’d have to read my creative work.  I invite you to click a link below!

Drops of Jupiter, Revisited | Do you know the Train song?  These jottings take place in the years before the song.

Valuing the Arts | Flash fiction satire.

Nine Names | Flash fiction I wrote to help myself sort through “The Problem of Susan.”

Date a Girl Who Writes | An essay I wrote as a companion essay to Rosemarie Urquico’s brilliant “Date a Girl Who Reads.”

Seeing Saturn | An excerpt from my work-in-progress.

Rooster | A short story about holding on and letting go during those crazy college years.

The Call | A poem inspired by jealousy and a friend’s phone call.

Madam, Meet Adam | A short story about Adam meeting Eve for the very first time.

Susan of Narnia | This poem also helped me to explore “The Problem of Susan.”

Which Education? | A poem … kinda fan fiction … about my own story.

Why Christians Should Write | Some thoughts on the matter.

Gala at Death | A poem about the death of my poems.

What I Want to Say | A poem from college, recently revised.

On the Shore | A poem about the disciples seeing Christ after His resurrection.

Grace Beneath the Line | Creative non-fiction I wrote for my senior capstone in undergrad.

Edmund | A poem about Edmund Pevensie, my favorite character from the Narnia series.

The Colors | Jottings about my favorite colors.

writer girl3

Half-Mast | Speculative fiction set in the distant future.  Satire.

Why Write? | Thoughts on why I love writing.

Brought to You by the Letter V | Jottings on letters.

Invitation | A poem I wrote in college about a summer love/fall heartbreak.

Scenery Matters | A brief poem inspired by the accompanying photo.

Tall, Dark, and Handsome | A poem about a boy.

Castle | A short poem about Cair Paravel in ruins.

Knit | A poem about my bestie.

Her Life in Red | Flash fiction.

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