brought to you by the letter V

I love letters.

AEIOU.  I like vowels, but I suppose if they were people, they would be cocky.  The jocks or cheerleaders.

What about P?  I think P would be a quiet girl who wears glasses and reads lots of books.  She would be intimidated by the vowel clique.  H would be an overweight boy.  F is immature, short, and insecure, telling P and H, “It takes both of you to equal one of me.”

I bet R, S, and T would hang out with the vowels; they are pretty popular letters if you think about it.  S’s are vowel groupies.

Y is unsure, a girl in puberty, without a solid identity yet.  She fits with the vowels – but only sometimes.

V is the metro boy who wears tight pants and is a mystery.  Even the vowels would be secretly jealous of V. V, you must know that you’re distinctive, above the others.  Go write your poetry, your song lyrics, a love song for a beautiful girl.  Remain a mystery to the others, but share yourself with her.

12 thoughts on “brought to you by the letter V

  1. It’s funny how we all think differently. Years ago, I wrote a “comparable” piece about numbers as a joke in my statistics class, but I have never thought that way about letters…….great post!

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