another Narnia poem

… since I’m the biggest nerd you know.


You cannot convince me that you have wholly erased
the lamp-post, the summer constellations, the Lion Himself.
You were there, saw the knife, heard the table crack like a giant’s plate.
When your great desire stood before you like a golden beacon,
how could you turn from joy to other invitations?
I refuse to believe that you have plucked from your deepest heart
righted wrong, vanished sorrows, the very death of winter.
You will awaken one day, I am sure, when pain claps your heart,
when British railways tear up your world of nylons and lipstick.
Grief will bring you back to solid ground, to your first love.
After all, once a queen, always a queen.

15 thoughts on “another Narnia poem

  1. Nice work, Jackie! Love Narnia! Did you know that I have an official lamp-post lamp at home? It was part of a display that I got to keep when I worked for Northwestern Books. It is large, and illuminates my room.

  2. I have often wondered, in the context of Narnia’s Universe(s), how the tales, especially in The Last Battle, got back to our world since all of the characters, except Susan, appeared to die in ours. My conjecture is that Susan must have written them after she experienced the reawakening you so beautifully describe.

    • With the exception of The Last Battle, they are written from Lewis’s perspective, as he often throws in things about how afterward he discussed things with Lucy. The Last Battle, though, now that’s a stumper!

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  8. Thank you.

    I’ve been reading the Chronicles with my young daughter and I’m not looking forward to the references to Susan in the Last Battle. I’m optimistic about Susan and have had a poem bouncing around in my head, so took a few moments to Google what poems others have written about Susan and yours popped up.

    I’m so glad to see others hold out hope for Sue. Thank you.

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