the colors

As far as colors go, my favorite is a thick, heavy red – a deep red, a red with a spoonful of brown.  Then an olive green, sage, light-colored but strong enough that it could never be mistaken for a pastel.  Then gold – but not yellow – true gold, goldenrod, a marigold tiptoeing across the line toward a field of pumpkins.

I love muted blues that seem so rare and precious, a petrol, for instance.  That particular mix of blue, green, and gray reminds me of a picture of the Tulsa sky I saw in a book.  That blue hit me so hard it landed a line in one of my poems.


I love when white is washed in a watercolor, just a slight trace of the concentrate left to whisper to the otherwise blank canvas.


I love terrific greens that knock you senseless.  I love the purples that really are too good for you (and know it) but abide you anyway, notably the plums.


Navy is an old friend, a good listener.  Brown is like the sexy girl in glasses you never noticed until today.

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