weird little beast



I love being a weird-little-beast writer.  I love finding things so bloody interesting.

Things that fascinate me:

Kryptos, this encrypted sculpture

Witold Pilecki, who volunteered for Auschwitz

As of 1994, there were over 85,000 Chinese characters.  Apparently, basic literacy requires knowledge of about 3,000, although an educated person will know even more.  The English alphabet has just 26 letters, like a short train with the Z as caboose.


Karel Soucek (and all Niagara Falls daredevils)


colors and all their shades (and names)

Pallor mortis is the paleness a body has after death, as the blood stops circulating through it.  Imagine: a stopped machine, the workers take a nap forever.

wind turbines

believing six impossible things before breakfast


brought to you by the letter V

I love letters.

AEIOU.  I like vowels, but I suppose if they were people, they would be cocky.  The jocks or cheerleaders.

What about P?  I think P would be a quiet girl who wears glasses and reads lots of books.  She would be intimidated by the vowel clique.  H would be an overweight boy.  F is immature, short, and insecure, telling P and H, “It takes both of you to equal one of me.”

I bet R, S, and T would hang out with the vowels; they are pretty popular letters if you think about it.  S’s are vowel groupies.

Y is unsure, a girl in puberty, without a solid identity yet.  She fits with the vowels – but only sometimes.

V is the metro boy who wears tight pants and is a mystery.  Even the vowels would be secretly jealous of V. V, you must know that you’re distinctive, above the others.  Go write your poetry, your song lyrics, a love song for a beautiful girl.  Remain a mystery to the others, but share yourself with her.

the YouTube vortex

I have to admit that I am a YouTube junkie … I spent more time on YouTube than anyone I know, actually.  I love NigaHiga and Michael Buckley and LIVELAVALIVE and Wheezy Waiter.  I follow MeekaKitty and MirandaSings (and her vlogs!).  KevJumba, Julian Smith, Schmoyoho, Arturo Trejo, Charlieissocoollike, Community Channel.  And the VlogBrothers, whom I simultaneously adore and am intimidated by.

As you all know, after you watch a YouTube video, the screen conveniently shows you other videos you might enjoy.  Sometimes this leads me into the YouTube vortex.

I will demonstrate.

I was researching synesthesia for a possible future book, so I watched this:

Which led me to watch this video about another extraordinary situation (this man only has a 30-second memory):

Which led me to watch this video about a blind young man who clicks his tongue to use his own SONAR:

Which led me to watch this video about children murdering other children:

Which freaked me out. So I went back to watching about extraordinary people, including this ADORABLE girl who ages 8 times faster than everyone else:

(I looked her up! She is still alive at age 15!)

Which led me to watch these FIVE videos about this five-year-old who believes he is reincarnated:

Desiree was on vacation, so I was alone in the apartment, and let’s just say I went to bed that evening feeling a little creeped out.

(Will you judge me if I tell you that there were 2-3 more videos in that lineup as well?)

Do you watch YouTube? Have you ever been sucked into the vortex?

Euthanasia Coaster

It’s just hypothetical.  An art concept.

A rollercoaster that sends 24 people up a 500-meter rise and fall and then through seven consecutive loops, each smaller than the last, which racks up so much G-force that the person can’t sustain it and dies “with elegance and euphoria.”

I heard about it last summer, and I felt sick– a strange kind of sick.  A revulsion and a fear for our future, but also this bizarre fascination that has made me look it up many times over the nine months.

You can read all about it on Julijonas Urbonas’s website.  Let me know if it fills you with the same strange wonder and horror and disgust as it does me.

I have always been drawn to oddities, to things that are broken or are sick– because I am myself.  A broken, sick oddity, but covered in the blood of Christ.