Euthanasia Coaster

It’s just hypothetical.  An art concept.

A rollercoaster that sends 24 people up a 500-meter rise and fall and then through seven consecutive loops, each smaller than the last, which racks up so much G-force that the person can’t sustain it and dies “with elegance and euphoria.”

I heard about it last summer, and I felt sick– a strange kind of sick.  A revulsion and a fear for our future, but also this bizarre fascination that has made me look it up many times over the nine months.

You can read all about it on Julijonas Urbonas’s website.  Let me know if it fills you with the same strange wonder and horror and disgust as it does me.

I have always been drawn to oddities, to things that are broken or are sick– because I am myself.  A broken, sick oddity, but covered in the blood of Christ.

6 thoughts on “Euthanasia Coaster

  1. You know me well enough to know that I think this is bad. That being said, I have already come up with some jokes.

  2. Shall I assume that the people riding the coaster are those with a desire to die? Otherwise, I cannot imagine anyone experiencing euphoria. How could someone with the desire to live ignore the emotion that fights death’s inevitability?

  3. This is so bizarre! I had to read your post a couple of times to really digest this concept. In a way, it’s artful–like they said, it is “elegant,” at least compared to other possible deaths. But then I think about the person who would desire this, who is so ready to leave this life that they would willingly go on this twisted ride into death. I was horrified at myself for seeing the elegance in this, but then I read your closing line again: “[I am] a broken, sick oddity, but covered in the blood of Christ.” Because of my sinful nature, this horrific concept grabs my attention. But because I am a new creation, I am repulsed by it as well. The flesh warring against the spirit. This makes me look at the “slave to sin or slave to righteousness” idea in a new way. Thank you for making me think!

  4. As someone who lost a cousin to suicide in October, almost five months ago exactly, and who works in a psychiatric inpatient facility while working towards a degree in psychology with a planned specialization in depression/suicide and psychotic disorders, I almost cried while reading this and immediately felt sick to my stomach. I followed the link to the other website and was actually repulsed by how lightly he was discussing the topic, while also adding multiple jokes.
    I’m extremely offended by a number of things on that site: the fact that he shows possible pictures of what a person would look like while on this ride, stating “No, you realize, in fact it is even greater than just giving up, as in the blink of an eye you enter the heart-line, the whirling element of the coaster track, where your heart stays roughly in line with the centre of the fall trajectory. In other words, your body spins around the heart while you fall. Gravitational choreography!”, and also stating “If you are still conscious, you are more resistant to the high g-forces than the majority of people, but don’t worry: the loop is engineered in such a way that the force will remain constant despite the changes in speed, thus ensuring that the painful level of acceleration is not reached. And be assured, the second loop will definitely do its job.” I was also upset by the fact that they asked what his inspiration was. There was zero sensitivity.
    I may just be extremely sensitive about suicide at this moment in time, and I know that discussing means of death do not prompt people to die by suicide, but I also believe that there is a level of sensitivity that needs to be met in regards to mental illness of any kind really.

  5. oh my gosh! i totally agree with the previous poster, I went to the website and was sick by the pictures. wow. this is sick, and I like roller coasters, but I like to enjoy them ALIVE!

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