the YouTube vortex

I have to admit that I am a YouTube junkie … I spent more time on YouTube than anyone I know, actually.  I love NigaHiga and Michael Buckley and LIVELAVALIVE and Wheezy Waiter.  I follow MeekaKitty and MirandaSings (and her vlogs!).  KevJumba, Julian Smith, Schmoyoho, Arturo Trejo, Charlieissocoollike, Community Channel.  And the VlogBrothers, whom I simultaneously adore and am intimidated by.

As you all know, after you watch a YouTube video, the screen conveniently shows you other videos you might enjoy.  Sometimes this leads me into the YouTube vortex.

I will demonstrate.

I was researching synesthesia for a possible future book, so I watched this:

Which led me to watch this video about another extraordinary situation (this man only has a 30-second memory):

Which led me to watch this video about a blind young man who clicks his tongue to use his own SONAR:

Which led me to watch this video about children murdering other children:

Which freaked me out. So I went back to watching about extraordinary people, including this ADORABLE girl who ages 8 times faster than everyone else:

(I looked her up! She is still alive at age 15!)

Which led me to watch these FIVE videos about this five-year-old who believes he is reincarnated:

Desiree was on vacation, so I was alone in the apartment, and let’s just say I went to bed that evening feeling a little creeped out.

(Will you judge me if I tell you that there were 2-3 more videos in that lineup as well?)

Do you watch YouTube? Have you ever been sucked into the vortex?

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