2017 Creative Goals

goals17titleFor this upcoming year, I’m keeping things (relatively) simple:

  1. Finish Salt Novel.
  2. Find the soul of Yes Novel.
  3. Read a book a week.
  4. Blog once a week.
  5. Learn something new every day.

We’ll see how this goes. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to keep up with #3 and #4, but I won’t beat myself up if I can’t do it. It’s a standard to shoot for, that’s all.

quick-and-curiousSalt Novel is well underway. Yes Novel has a first draft. I have a mountain of books I want to read. The blog needs some TLC. And I bought this super-cute, extremely relevant journal to keep track of my daily curiosities.

I have a lot of other goals for 2017, but I’ve decided (for now) just to share my creative ones. I will be writing soon about my one word I want to focus on this year.

Five little (ha!) goals. Salt. Yes. Read. Blog. Learn.

How about you? Do you set goals, creative or otherwise, for the new year? I wanna hear!






5-Year Blogiversary

blog fiveMy blog turns five today!

Since I started this site, I have:

  • written and published a book
  • left management (which allowed me to write and publish a book)
  • written a manuscript (Salt Novel), set it aside, written another manuscript (Yes Novel), then set it aside for the earlier one
  • met and/or interacted with hundreds of brave people with OCD and other lovely people in advocacy
  • partnered with the International OCD Foundation
  • became the communications director for OCD Twin Cities, an IOCDF affiliate
  • recruited hundreds of students to my university
  • become a feminist
  • grown in my faith
  • bought a house and remodeled it
  • listened to the books in The Chronicles of Narnia at least 250 times (but probably more like 400-500) (and The Horse and His Boy makes up probably 33% of that, ha!)
  • successfully maintained my OCD remission
  • met and/or interacted with some incredible bloggers
  • had several incredible babies enter my life (i.e. my friends had kids!)

I’ve been so blessed by everyone who follows my site. Your support and comments and friendship mean the world to me! Here’s to year number six!

Humor me, folks: what accomplishment are you most proud of from the last five years?

Image credit: The Delicious Life

My Blogging Well is Dry

Well in the gardenwant to blog. I feel like I have a lot to say. But when I think about sitting down and working it all out, I can’t think of what in the world I would write about.

I don’t want to take a break. I’m afraid of taking a break. If I took a break, I’m afraid it would turn into a Very Long Break.

I’ve been a consistent blogger for years now. In fact, in 2013, I blogged every day (424 posts!). Last year, I dipped down to three times a week, and that felt good. Sometimes it seemed unmanageable, but then I’d tell myself, “You stayed consistent through the hardest months of major, major revisions. If you could do it then, you can do it now.” Then I would.

But what is there to say? Okay, I know that’s a silly question. I’m an author. I have a million things to say– except now I’m saying them in books. There are other things I want to talk about on my blog, yes, but it seems like I’ve already talked about all of them. Even when I ask people what they’d like me to write about, they give suggestions, and I think, “I’ve written about exactly that before!” I wonder if all bloggers end up feeling redundant, or if it’s just me.

So, I’m in a slump. I don’t feel depressed in other areas of my life, but I feel really sluggish when it comes to my blog.

And this is a time when I absolutely don’t want to be a sluggish blogger … with a book on the horizon!

That said, you may or may not be hearing a little less from me these days. I’m going to put some thought into the blog and see what I come up with. I definitely want to keep doing my 2015 poetry campaign. I want to talk about all things related to Truest. I want to chat about writing and creativity. I don’t want to talk about OCD these days (just being honest!)– plus my work in progress is about OCD, so that’s a little overwhelming itself at times. I want to talk about books I’m reading. I want to update you all on my life.

Thanks for letting me share my heart and thoughts here. I’ll let you know what I come up with!