2017 Creative Goals

goals17titleFor this upcoming year, I’m keeping things (relatively) simple:

  1. Finish Salt Novel.
  2. Find the soul of Yes Novel.
  3. Read a book a week.
  4. Blog once a week.
  5. Learn something new every day.

We’ll see how this goes. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to keep up with #3 and #4, but I won’t beat myself up if I can’t do it. It’s a standard to shoot for, that’s all.

quick-and-curiousSalt Novel is well underway. Yes Novel has a first draft. I have a mountain of books I want to read. The blog needs some TLC. And I bought this super-cute, extremely relevant journal to keep track of my daily curiosities.

I have a lot of other goals for 2017, but I’ve decided (for now) just to share my creative ones. I will be writing soon about my one word I want to focus on this year.

Five little (ha!) goals. Salt. Yes. Read. Blog. Learn.

How about you? Do you set goals, creative or otherwise, for the new year? I wanna hear!






7 thoughts on “2017 Creative Goals

  1. I love reading your creative goals! My creative goals (Yes, they are very poetry minded):

    1. Continue working on book of poetry
    2. Three new poems a month
    3. Experiment with new forms of poetry
    4. Find new poetry to read
    5. Work on short story skills
    6. Continue doing one new thing a month (Third year!)

  2. I’m most impressed by #3. How do you read so fast? I’ll be lucky to read a book a month this year.

    I am currently composing a list of books to read this year. Beyond that, I haven’t given much thought to my goals for the year besides doing well in my job. Maybe I need to give this more thought.

    One more: I want to see you in person when I am in the Twin Cities in May! More details so to follow via e-mail

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