5 Secrets

we all have secrets1. I worry that people won’t like Truest— or even worse, that it will fade into obscurity within months of its release. It happens all the time.

2. I wish I was married and am envious of my friends who are. I need to move to Australia. Just about any boy with that accent will do. 😉

3. I’m a feminist. I’m only starting to say it to people.

4. A superbly written book will delight me while simultaneously plunging me into a manic state. I worry so much that I won’t measure up.

5. When I haven’t seen someone in a long time and we get together, I spend the whole time imagining they are shocked by how unhealthy I am. It makes it hard to enjoy reunions that should be special.

Your turn.

P.S. Do you know who owns this image? It’s everywhere online, and I’d love to give proper credit.

Five Secrets

Random 5 Friday is a weekly meme over at A Rural Journal.

Today I’m going to tell you five secrets.  Well, with varying levels of secrecy.

1. After 10 years as a recruiter, I still get nervous for almost every meeting I have with a prospective family.  You just never know how it’s gonna go– you might be meeting with a world-class teenager with incredible poise and leadership potential– or with someone who can’t look you in the eye or even answer a yes-or-no question.

2. I get wildly envious of my friends’ writing.  What can I say?  I surround myself with brilliant artists, and so, while I am so happy for them and proud of them, I’m also green with envy when I read that perfect, precise, delicate, wild, and buzzing image that they wrote and I did not.

3. Being healthy is such a struggle for me.  I love chocolate and hate exercise.  In fact, the only way I can get myself to exercise is by dangling the carrot of an audiobook in front of me.  It works.

4. I want a boyfriend, like, yesterday.  A hot one.  Who likes to read and loves Jesus.  And if he has an Australian accent and is a home improvement contractor, all the better.  (Anyone know a Christian Property Brothers-esque Aussie with a penchant for great literature?)

5. I don’t read my Bible and pray every single day anymore.  And yet, God feels nearer to me than ever before.

You should tell me a secret now too.