5 Secrets

we all have secrets1. I worry that people won’t like Truest— or even worse, that it will fade into obscurity within months of its release. It happens all the time.

2. I wish I was married and am envious of my friends who are. I need to move to Australia. Just about any boy with that accent will do. 😉

3. I’m a feminist. I’m only starting to say it to people.

4. A superbly written book will delight me while simultaneously plunging me into a manic state. I worry so much that I won’t measure up.

5. When I haven’t seen someone in a long time and we get together, I spend the whole time imagining they are shocked by how unhealthy I am. It makes it hard to enjoy reunions that should be special.

Your turn.

P.S. Do you know who owns this image? It’s everywhere online, and I’d love to give proper credit.

11 thoughts on “5 Secrets

  1. Very awesome to know x Trust me, an Australian accent will end up annoying you haha! (I know, I’m a New Zealander 😉 ).
    5 secrets:
    -I like Hanson (argh – I know, it goes every musical cool thing within me!)
    -I write encouraging hand-written letters to women all around the world who email in for them: http://www.facebook.com/lovefromanniexox so if YOU would like some encouragement, PLEASE write in – I’d love to encourage the encourager.
    -I wear socks all the time as I have no feeling in my feet – the neurologist doesn’t know why all the nerves have died
    -I find it extremely hard to accept love – I am getting there
    -I used to lose my cool a lot and yell (only at home). Praise God because of the counselling and his healing, I rarely feel the need.

    Thanks Jackie xxx

  2. Isn’t it funny how differently others see us? I have no doubt that Truest is going to be great!

    Secrets? Hmmmmm: I’m a feminist. I’m a liberal. I don’t like sandals or flip flops. Sometimes I believe I’m too old to accomplish what I want to accomplish, even though I don’t believe that about others.

  3. 1. My name is……..hey wait a minute. You know it though 😉
    2. I have a belief in a minimal form of panpsychism.
    3. I’m generally very good at keeping others’ secrets. I’m somewhat an open book and don’t have much dirt except that I am an atheist with OCD which are generally considered 2 strikes. Atheists are the least liked group and mental illness doesn’t make my case better 😦
    4. I always think I’m fat even though I’m not, but I wouldn’t classify myself as having BDD
    5. I give off a vibe that I’m a prude even though I’m not….not by a long shot!

  4. 1. I’m worried that even after getting a degree in English that I’m not going to be a good editor and get fired, or even worse–no one will want to hire me.
    2. My boyfriend has been dating me for over a year, but in the back of my mind, I keep expecting him to leave one day because no one has cared to try this hard or stick around for me this long. The last time I had a broken heart was when my grandma died in 2002, and it still hurts me to this day. I don’t know what a broken first love would do to me, and it would be nice to never have to find out.
    3. I have made it my mission to always be kind and encouraging to others because of how painful my self-talk can be. The path to positive thinking has been a constant struggle for me because of the automatic pessimistic thoughts. I can give encouraging messages to others, but when I’m alone, my mind can be very unkind to me, and it’s exhausting.
    4. I don’t really go shopping anymore because I save my money for traveling. I have a wanderlust itch that itches more after it’s been scratched. There aren’t enough vacation days I can take away from work.
    5. Part of being an ISFJ is that I am super uncomfortable when I’m part of a conflct, and it will poke and prod at me and take up my entire mindspace to the point where I literally can’t do anything but think and worry about the situation. I’m still working on that. Also being an ISFJ, I allow myself to get used by people to the point where I am internally very angry with how unappreciated I feel after a while, but I can’t find it in me to say anything…until one day I burst and I say it rudely and hurt the situation and then feel miserable all over again.

    —As for your first secret about Truest, I am constantly worried people are lying to me when they tell me they like my stories, and I’m worried that if I ever finish one of my novels, that critics will tear all my hard work apart as if I wrote it in a week.

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