10 More Random Facts about Me

unsplash7.21. I am more scared of the slow ride to the top of the rollercoaster than of the rapid plummet down.

2. I always thought I’d leave Minnesota for college, but when I started visiting out-of-state schools, all I wanted was to be back in Minnesota.

3. My siblings and I were always creating clubs while growing up. We had the Friends Forever Club, the Exercise Club, and the Story Society.

4. Science fascinates me, but it’s the hardest subject for me to understand. This dates back to fourth grade when I couldn’t hook up wires and a battery the right way to make a light bulb light up. That’s the first and only thing I failed in school, kindergarten through undergrad.

5. My strengths themes are learner, input, achiever, strategy, and ideation.

6. I have a German and Irish heritage.

7. I love being a writer and would never trade those skills– but I very much wish I was a visual artist as well.

8. I have a very strong interest in etymology, especially in onomastics, the study of proper names.

9. For most of my life, I’ve had a curiously strong memory, to the point where it shocks people.

10. I’m quite claustrophobic. My nightmares often involve tight, closed spaces. I can barely stand the idea of being underwater or in space.

Random Facts about Me

How about a little randomness for today?

1. I don’t set my alarm for times ending in zeros or fives.  (Usually just one off– 6:01, 6:16, etc.)

2. I’m okay with most off-brands, but mac and cheese must be Kraft and Lucky Charms must be the real kind.

3. I went 15 years without drinking carbonated beverages.  Just started drinking root beer again this past year.

4. I don’t drink coffee.  At all.  In any form.

5. I think about names a lot.

6. I’m really, really messy.  (Seriously, my bedroom is a war zone.)

7. Abstract art fascinates me.

8. I don’t have any pets now, but I grew up on a hobby farm where we usually had a dog and about thirty cats.  Every once in a while, we’d also have a pet lamb.

9. I am the oldest kid in my family … and the shortest.

10. My favorite parts of traveling for work are seeing my friend Caitlin in South Dakota and also all the audiobooks I get to listen to!

bad waitress

7 Random Facts About Me

I decided to jump aboard the 7 Random Facts About Me meme for today, so without further ado …

1. You all probably know that I majored in English with a concentration in writing, but I also have minors in history and Bible.

2. I have trichotillomania, which means I pull out my hair when I get stressed.  I don’t have bald patches like some of the more extreme tricho cases, but I do have a little “tuft” of hair that is continually growing in from the spot where I pull.  I style my hair to disguise this!

3. I am the oldest of three kids (and I display pretty much ALL of the oldest sibling traits!).  My sister Kristin is 3 years younger than me, and my brother Kevin is three years younger than Kristin.  They are both AWESOME.

4. I sponsor three children in the Philippines through Compassion International, an organization that continues to impress me year after year with their commitment to releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.  My kiddos’ names are Jona (17), Antonio June (13), and Bea (10), and they are so sweet and delightful and send me lovely letters (I save each one).

5. I don’t watch TV during the week, but I do enjoy SNL on Saturday evenings!  Stefon is my favorite!

6. I rarely listen to the radio or to any music in my car.  Instead, I enjoy audiobooks!

7. I’m a Nerdfighter!

Your turn!!  I want to know some random facts about YOU … and what you think about mine!