Random Facts about Me

How about a little randomness for today?

1. I don’t set my alarm for times ending in zeros or fives.  (Usually just one off– 6:01, 6:16, etc.)

2. I’m okay with most off-brands, but mac and cheese must be Kraft and Lucky Charms must be the real kind.

3. I went 15 years without drinking carbonated beverages.  Just started drinking root beer again this past year.

4. I don’t drink coffee.  At all.  In any form.

5. I think about names a lot.

6. I’m really, really messy.  (Seriously, my bedroom is a war zone.)

7. Abstract art fascinates me.

8. I don’t have any pets now, but I grew up on a hobby farm where we usually had a dog and about thirty cats.  Every once in a while, we’d also have a pet lamb.

9. I am the oldest kid in my family … and the shortest.

10. My favorite parts of traveling for work are seeing my friend Caitlin in South Dakota and also all the audiobooks I get to listen to!

bad waitress

5 thoughts on “Random Facts about Me

  1. Always nice to hear these random facts. I also don’t drink coffee in any way shape or form, and my daughter loves names also. For fun she will read different baby name books and learn about their origins, etc. Never knew anyone else who cared about names so much!

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