7 Random Facts About Me

I decided to jump aboard the 7 Random Facts About Me meme for today, so without further ado …

1. You all probably know that I majored in English with a concentration in writing, but I also have minors in history and Bible.

2. I have trichotillomania, which means I pull out my hair when I get stressed.  I don’t have bald patches like some of the more extreme tricho cases, but I do have a little “tuft” of hair that is continually growing in from the spot where I pull.  I style my hair to disguise this!

3. I am the oldest of three kids (and I display pretty much ALL of the oldest sibling traits!).  My sister Kristin is 3 years younger than me, and my brother Kevin is three years younger than Kristin.  They are both AWESOME.

4. I sponsor three children in the Philippines through Compassion International, an organization that continues to impress me year after year with their commitment to releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.  My kiddos’ names are Jona (17), Antonio June (13), and Bea (10), and they are so sweet and delightful and send me lovely letters (I save each one).

5. I don’t watch TV during the week, but I do enjoy SNL on Saturday evenings!  Stefon is my favorite!

6. I rarely listen to the radio or to any music in my car.  Instead, I enjoy audiobooks!

7. I’m a Nerdfighter!

Your turn!!  I want to know some random facts about YOU … and what you think about mine!


7 thoughts on “7 Random Facts About Me

  1. I didn’t know you had trichotillomania. How related is it (if at all) to OCD? I think it’s great that you sponsor children. So good of you to do that! I can see you enjoying the irony and humor of SNL!

    I’m the youngest of three children. I have two older brothers, one 11 yeas older and one 2 years older. I, too majored in English. I almost had a minor in sociology

    • Apparently trichotillomania is on the compulsion spectrum, although some people are hesitant to actually call it a compulsion. I know, for me, it’s not a compulsion– it’s more of an anxious tic or something. There is an element of relief when I pull, but it’s not the same kind of temporary relief connected directly to an obsession or unwanted thought. I’m not being very articulate, sorry! Basically, tricho is related but not an actual compulsion for me. It’s like stress pushes me to do it, and then I get this tiny release/relief from pulling, but the relief isn’t connected to any obsessions.

      I suppose I should do some more research, collect my thoughts, and try to write something actually readable on my blog. 🙂

      Oh and yes, I ADORE my sponsored children! They are so sweet!

  2. Love this post! Thank you for introducing me to Stefon 😉 Random things about me… (There’s a lot of randomness…)
    1. Also an English major, of course 🙂 I knew that’s what I wanted to major in when I was 10.
    2. I too am very much a firstborn. Jens is five years younger than me, and we have the same sense of humor. Tonight we played Scrabble, and he won by one point.
    3. I can wiggle my ears.
    4. I was really excited to start listening to audiobooks while driving… But the book I started with was set in Ireland, and the lulling Irish brogue of the reader was not a good thing for me at 10:30pm, haha!
    5. My new TV addiction is Duck Dynasty.

    • What is Duck Dynasty about? I’ve been hearing a lot about it!

      I definitely want you to demonstrate your ear wiggling skillzzzz. 🙂 LOVE YOU! So glad we got to chill yesterday, friend! ❤

      • It was wonderful to see you last weekend!!! 🙂 Duck Dynasty is on A & E about a Southern family who owns Duck Commander, which makes duck calls. They are HILARIOUS!

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