CBT advocacy

I am a huge, huge, HUGE proponent of cognitive-behavioral therapy (also known more specifically as exposure and response prevention therapy), which gave me back my life.

I wrote a story called Lights All Around— fiction that sings the praises of CBT.  Even though I had already experienced CBT, it wasn’t until I fictionalized my experiences that I felt like I really understood what exactly went on during therapy, the reprogramming of my brain.  The scenes that I am hoping to share during OCD Awareness Week detail the moments when CBT and its premise finally clicked.

If you haven’t voted for my entry “Tipping Point” yet, will you take 3 seconds to do so right now?  Just go to http://www.ocfoundation.org/awarenessweek!  I appreciate you!!  (Which 2-3 friends could you ask to vote for me today?  I’d be so grateful!)

slavery and freedom

Last Thursday and Friday, I attended the Global Leadership Summit through a satellite site, and it was incredible.  This was my second year attending, and both last year and this year were phenomenal.  Essentially, the Willow Creek Association pulls together a knock-out faculty of world-class leaders to speak; it’s like being smacked upside the head (in incredible ways) each hour.

On Friday, Pranitha Timothy of International Justice Mission spoke about human trafficking and about her work with IJM to rescue many from slavery.  It stirred my blood.  It always does, to hear stories about slavery and freedom.  I want my life to matter, want to do something important for the Kingdom.  I could almost picture myself going into dangerous situations to pull children out of slavery and get them safely back into school.

On Saturday, I met with a college student whom I have known for about a year and a half, a young man who is living in his own personal OCD hell and is ready to break out of it by pursuing cognitive-behavioral therapy.  We sat together, discussing OCD and how hard it was and how no one understands– but also CBT and how it can give him the tools to step from darkness into light.  I told him that in just a short time, he could be free from OCD’s reign, and I realized …

I am an advocate for those in slavery seeking freedom.

I may not be rushing into workhouses to confront slave-owners or holding children in the midst of a chaotic rescue, but I am a CBT advocate, telling obsessive-compulsives over and over and over again that this is the way to freedom.

I still plan to support IJM financially (and you can too at http://www.ijm.org/give), but I realized that my personal rescue missions will look a little different.