I Will Say This

I read Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur today in one shot. I adored it. It was raw and empowering.

Online dating is still happening. My squad of new friends is incredibly eclectic, and honestly, they are making me love the internet. I adore my new friend J, who rocks awesome wheels; my friend S from Kashmir; my friend J2, two weeks sober. Where else can you talk to some guy online and then see him in your local Chipotle a few days later? I have met a BDSM master, a Universalist, a man whose parents were rebel fighters against Fidel Castro, and the funniest single dad, who also understands my anxiety.

I’ve also met a ton of creeps. (Click here ONLY if you are willing to see men become feminist mince-meat.)

I’ve read a handful of great books– reviews to come soon.

Novel revisions: I needed a new approach, especially in the past week, when I was basically smacking my head against a wall over and over and over … and then feeling guilty about it. I decided to not write on weeknights and to tackle revisions on the weekends, at least for this precise season.

In fact, that is what I am off to do now! Send creative energy and good thoughts my way!!

xoxo Jackie


Operation: Adulting, Part Two

Well, folks, I keep moving forward in my efforts to get my crap together for/in 2017. In addition to creating a budget and subscribing to all my recurring expenses (which you can read about here):

  1. I created a custom planner with Wrights Notes. Mine has my own personal weekly to-do list on the left page of each spread and a weekly calendar on the right. I freaking love lists.
  2. I’ve been cooking for myself. Mostly eggs.
  3. I ordered a bunch of stuff to organize my closet, in the hopes that this will help me to keep my room in better order. I’m kind of excited.
  4. I returned to my therapist for the first time in maybe nine months. It was so good to go over everything that’s happened since I’d been there and see how much I’d grown.

Good news.

Got an email from my editor last weekend.

Subject: just finished

Body: your beautiful book.
Wow. Just wow.
You did all that?
Totally incredible.
I wish I could zap you a big bouquet of flowers and a chandelier.

I can’t tell you what a relief this is. With my editor on board with this novel, I feel like I can tackle any revisions.

In fact, she sent me a list of questions to be considering as we move forward with revising/restructuring this thing. This week has been so busy that I haven’t had a moment to think on it, but tomorrow and Sunday I hope to spend thinking, praying, and journaling in search of my next steps. Think of me.


When the Book Deal is Only Step ONE

I was offered my two-book deal with HarperCollins in November 2013. The first book will be released September 2015.

Everyone keeps asking me, Why does it take so long?

So, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what’s been happening since my book deal.

Tired AuthorFirst of all, it took months for my agent and my publisher to iron out all the details of the deal. I didn’t sign the actual contract until February 2014. That was also when my editor and I started working on revisions. I did significant developmental revisions till the beginning of September. Then, in a quick turnaround right before October, I did line edits (24 hours of work crammed into just 48 hours!).

Next, the manuscript spends 4-6 weeks with copyediting, where it is looked over for mistakes, inconsistencies, typos, formatting. We’re fixing all that now, then there will be advance reader editions created– and galleys.  Plus, the book jacket will be finalized. (So exciting! I’ve seen it, and it’s breathtaking!)

I just recently had to fill out a ginormous questionnaire for my publisher too– an 8-part massive survey that will help the marketing, sales, and publicity folks come up with a plan to roll out the book in the best way possible.

I’ll keep you posted as I go through it, but I think what has surprised me the most was just how much editing came after the book deal. The core of my story is still very much there, but almost nothing was left untouched. It makes you wonder a little, doesn’t it: I feel like Truest was purchased based off of its potential, not precisely based off of what was actually there.  If that makes sense.

It’s an honor.

Also, a ton of work.

As I’ve said before, I thought getting the book deal was the hard part. I learned very quickly that the post-deal developmental revisions were much harder. My manuscript was refined by fire.

But what was left is pretty golden.

Nine more months!!!

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving, friends!