Another 10 Random Facts about Me

1. I do not eat fish.

2. My celebrity crush is Theo James. I made this because I’m a nerd:

3. I’d like to travel to Australia, given the chance.

4. I love cats but am allergic to them. (We had battalions of cats growing up– farm cats, not house cats.)

5. I was terribly shy when I was young. This shocks most people, since almost all traces of that shyness evaporated long ago.

6. I’m quite captivated by Dickon from The Secret Garden. I’m not sure if I want to marry the grown-up version of him or keep him in my pocket as a magical child.

7. I scored higher on my math ACT subscores than in my English subscores. I was a straight-A math student all the way through college calculus II, where I stopped.

8. I really dislike being cold and remember that every winter that I stay in this forsaken state. (I love you, Minnesota, but come on: 30 below is too much.)

9. I’m sort of obsessed with wind turbines. I even managed to include a wind farm in my book.

10. My three self-proclaimed leadership principles are faithfulness, humility, and creativity.