Recruiter Rant

There’s this trend with teenagers right now that I don’t like.  They can’t answer questions without their parents’ help.  Now, I’m not talking, How do you plan to pay for college? or What special accommodations might you need?

I’m talking, What do you like to do for fun?

Come on, guys.  You can answer that question on your own.  It’s the easiest one in the book– and there’s not even a wrong answer!  The only wrong answer is you not having enough boldness and social grace to speak up and share your opinion!

I think that all teenagers should go to college visits prepared with the following:

* Three (or more!) specific questions they have about the school
* A list of other schools they are interested in
* A short list of what they are looking for in a college (big/small, public/private, certain majors, urban/suburban, etc.)
* What they are involved with (at school, home, church, community)
* What things they enjoy (sports, movies, reading, writing, shopping, art)

Interestingly, most of these questions should be easy to answer and shouldn’t require forethought or planning.

You want your college recruiter on your side– especially when it comes to admittance and scholarships!  Put your best foot forward and be ready to answer the most basic of questions.  Remember: you’re not just checking out my school.  I am also evaluating your fit with our community!

Prospective students and parents, take note!