Getting Personal

vulnerability1. I am messy.  Messy is not quite the right word for it.  I’m a slob.  My office (at work) and my apartment are usually fairly tidy, but my bedroom: war zone.  Right now you can hardly see the floor.  (I’m not joking.)  I don’t know how to keep my room clean.  Every single time I clean my bedroom, I tell myself, This time I will keep it clean.  Never works.

2. I am still learning healthy coping mechanisms for stress.  I have traded in stress-induced eating for stress-induced shopping.  Better, but not the best.

3. Most indicators signal that I am an extrovert: I love people, I like crowds, I enjoy public speaking (and am pretty good at it too!).  But after the people, crowds, and public speaking, I crash hard.  I am a total introvert and need a lot of alone time to recharge.

4. Sometimes I am perfectly fine with being single; most times I am not.

5. I am a terribly complicated woman.  Right now, I have the most and least self-confidence I’ve ever had.  That might not even make sense to most of you.  Some of you will get it.

… and that will wrap up Getting Personal with Jackie Lea for this week.  Vulnerability.  I tell ya.

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