Dear Diary (April 2014)

april 2014April has been all about self care.  I took time away from my manuscript.  I went to the chiropractor.  I started a weight loss program.  I spent time with my favorite little kiddos (see: cuddle therapy).

And, you know what, I feel ready to dive back in for another round of revisions.  (I must be crazy.)

Easter was awesome, as usual.  My church had two baptisms, including one of a young man I met the Easter before, which was really special because he comes from a totally different walk of life (and indeed has been shunned by some of his family because of his decision to follow Christ).  I’m really proud of him and even more proud of God’s incredible work in this young man’s life.

This month, I gave a percentage of my author advance to non-profit organizations– to my Compassion kids and their families, my church, Campus Crusade at my brother’s college, a Chinese orphanage, a mission trip to Peru, an urban and anti-sex trafficking ministry, a friend teaching overseas, an at-risk youth ministry, Bible translation in Papua New Guinea, and the University of Northwestern.

It. was. a. JOY.

Let’s see, what else, what else?

I shared with UNW’s novel writing club, which was so much fun. They asked great questions and commiserated with me about the artist’s self-doubt.

I applied for a writing grant (#4 on my list of creative goals for this year; stay tuned for an update!).

I took my panic pill … three times.  I met up for coffee and conversation with my sweet best friend Eir last weekend, so good for my heart and soul. I also have spent a lot of time with God in prayer, and it’s been delicious. There’s basically nowhere on earth I’d rather be than in my bed with my prayer journal.

I’ve gotten some more revision suggestions from my editor, and I’ve been thinking about them a lot and tiptoeing toward them while waiting for a marked-up manuscript.  One month away from my novel has been interesting: it’s probably the longest break I’ve taken from writing in the last six years.  It was good, and probably necessary, to rest after that frenzied six-week revision– but guess what?  I miss it.  My writer-heart feels out of rhythm.  I plan to fix that murmur this May.

How are you?  How was your April?  I wish I had more wild stories and events to share with you, but April 2014 was just one of those keep-it-together months for me.  We need those sometimes, don’t we?