Cuddle Therapy

Friends, you’ll be happy to know that I ended up rather enjoying my New Year’s Eve.  My best friend Erica came over, we snagged dinner at Cafe Latte, then watched season one of Downton Abbey from my trusty ol’ couch.  We also ate cake.  Best friend therapy?  Cake therapy?  Lovely.  Both at once?  Dynamite.

This morning, when I opened up my eyes, the clouds were gone from my head.  I lay in bed, assessing my thoughts: do I feel sad?  No.  Do I feel excited about life?  Yeah, actually.  Do I feel ready to write?  Interestingly, yes.

Praise the Lord.

I ate lunch with Desiree, which was lovely since we haven’t had many opportunities to really catch up since she got married and moved out.  I love that lady so much.  So wise, beautiful, loving, funny.  And did I mention that she gave me the newly redesigned/repackaged Harry Potter series?  Safe to say I freaked out.  Roommate therapy?  Yes please.

Then I headed over to Tracy’s house.  Tracy, as you may recall, is my college roomie who is mother to the three most special girls on planet earth.  I told her to warn the girls that I would need hugs and cuddles.  Let me tell you, I don’t think there was a better way to start 2014 than to have Emma (6) snuggled into my left side and Ava (3) snuggled into my right and Elsie (almost 2) with us on the couch while we watched Home Alone.  Cuddle therapy?  These girls have have my heart.  Just what I needed.

I’m so, so glad that the numbness and sadness of yesterday feel as if they’ve been flung from me.  It was a lie.  I’m recognizing the truth again today.

Happy new year, everyone.

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