Best of the Web

bestofthewebOn Huffington Post, a short but wonderful article on fighting against the stigma of mental illness.

Mallory Ortberg’s humorous post about dystopian societies in literature. (You might LOL.)

Chuck Wendig’s must-read post for writers on the days you don’t feel like writing. 

This answer on Quora about what to do when you don’t feel confident about your writing skills.

YA author John Green recently spoke at his alma mater, and the talk and the Q&A afterward were both brilliant.  It’s an hour long, but so worth it.

On CollegeHumor, 7 Actually Useful Children’s Books for Twenty-Somethings.

Paddywax has famous-author-scented candles.

These unbelievable egg shell sculptures. (You kind of have to see them to believe them.)

At BookRiot, this startingly accurate account of What Happens When You Like Books More Than Anything Else in the Whole World.

This short video of advice from Ira Glass, which will encourage young artists of all stripes:

Best of the Web

bestofthewebThe Independent interviewed Divergent author Veronica Roth on sex and teen fiction.

YA author S.E. Sinkhorn shares a satirical list of how to write the perfect YA heroine.

Forbes had a short piece on why YA author John Green still works with a publisher.

I died laughing watching this kiddo on Ellen.

My friend Anna posted about how to win the writing head game.

Australian author Rebecca James shared about her struggle with Second Book Syndrome.

The Millions posted a list of books hilariously re-titled to get more clicks.

At the Rabbit Room, an awesome realization from a re-reading of The Silver Chair.

I really like Taylor Swift, but even I had to admit this was hilarious.

And in the WORST of the web …

Jo Rowling says she regrets the Ron/Hermione pairing.

Best of the Web

bestofthewebConverge Magazine published this post about being single and NOT waiting for a spouse.

Maggie Stiefvater wrote this incredible post about profanity in her writing.

You hear often about compulsions, but The Atlantic wrote about the darker side of OCD: obsessions.

I’m fascinated by strange, quirky stories like this one about an elephant who charged a train.

My friend Addie wrote this beautiful post about speaking in tongues and being a writer.

Rachelle Gardner wrote about how writers’ lives are a paradox.

Indulgd posted these thought-provoking photographs.

Pentatonix put out my favorite video of theirs yet, a medley of Daft Punk songs!

In this TED talk, Neil Harbisson discusses how he listens to color.  (Literally.)

One more TED talk: Neurologist V.S. Ramachandran looks deep into the brain’s most basic mechanisms.  Probably the best TED talk I have ever seen.

And here’s another post about not waiting around for a spouse.

Addie tells why she asks nosy questions.

Joshua Lancette asks if anxiety is a lack of faith.

Alison Cherry discusses 9 things she wished she’d known about publishing.

Mary wrote a brilliant poem about hope.

Maureen Johnson discusses whether it’s worthwhile for creative writers to get an MFA.

Bookish Blogs I Love

How to keep your finger on the pulse of the YA writing world?

1) Read YA lit like a fiend.
2) Subscribe to the Goodreads YA newsletter.
3) Follow author blogs/websites.
4) Follow amazing YA lit blogs!

Here are some of my favorites (click the graphic to go to the blog):





P.S. I sometimes disagree with their reviews, but I am always grateful for the way they keep me up to speed on what’s new in the YA world.

P.P.S. I actually follow about 80 writing- & literature-related blogs (not to mention the OCD-related, faith-related, and miscellaneous blogs I follow).  I hope to introduce you to some more amazing blogs soon.

P.P.P.S. I don’t watch TV.  (The answer to your question of “How do you have the time to read so many blogs?”)

Best of the Web: On Depression

bestofthewebMy friend Addie Zierman is an incredible person and an incredible writer.  She recently wrote an amazing blog post for her sons over at A Deeper Story.  I really would love for you all to take a look.

Here’s a teaser:

You want to know why we’re going through the Walgreens drive thru, so I tell you, “Mama needs to pick up her medicine.”

But you’re FOUR now, so that’s not good enough anymore. You want to know why. You want to know what for. You want to know if Mom has a headache or a tummy ache. What medicine? You keep asking me. And Why?

My first instinct is to oversimplify. I consider telling you that they’re Mama’s “happy pills,” but dismiss it almost immediately. It may sound simple, but it’s not the truth. The pills don’t make me content. This is not a magic potion or a jolt of endorphins. We’re not talking about a hit of happiness here.

In the end, it’s much more complicated than all of that. This is about synapses and neurons, about a kind of short-circuiting in your brain that makes everything go a little bit dark for no good reason at all.

To read the rest of “For My Sons: On Depression,” click here.

P.S. Addie has a book coming out next month called When We Were on Fire.  You should all buy a copy!

Best of the Web: Jackie’s Picks, Part III

bestofthewebThe latest and greatest stuff I have seen and heard online lately:

25 Things You Should Know about Young Adult Fiction by Chuck Wendig Hilarious and acerbic and very, VERY insightful look at YA!

My Take: How Churches Can Respond to Mental Illness by Ed Stetzer | Loved this clear outline of ways that Christ’s body can care for its hurting members!

Epilogue by Brienna Rossiter | Lovely poem, lovely girl.

Seven Literary Quotations We Suggest You Memorize by Josh Sorokach | This was published on the Barnes & Noble blog, and I thought it was hilarious, wannabe pretentious, and potentially useful!

My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler | This is the BEST Pinterest board I’ve ever seen.  It’s absolutely hilarious!!  The best part is the writing.

The Danger of Doubt by Fletcher Wortmann | Just a very well-written article about OCD.

How Much Should You Pay for a Freelance Novel Editor? by Ellen Brock | A fascinating breakdown how much your money will get you.

The Science Delusion | This banned TED Talk was astonishing– and gave me comfort, in an odd, ironic way.  No one really knows anything. 🙂

Amplifying Motion in Videos … | This video blew my mind.  Technology AMAZES me.  We can now see the invisible.

Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate | Incredible bike trick video– and wildly original!

And just for fun …

Basic Needs: Extreme Happiness | So, basically this man was on Day 86 of an expedition to/from the South Pole, and he reaches one of his caches but doesn’t remember what food he left for himself there.  Check out the sheer joy when he sees what is there.  Watch all the way to the end for the Hallelujah chorus!