Best of the Web

bestofthewebThe Independent interviewed Divergent author Veronica Roth on sex and teen fiction.

YA author S.E. Sinkhorn shares a satirical list of how to write the perfect YA heroine.

Forbes had a short piece on why YA author John Green still works with a publisher.

I died laughing watching this kiddo on Ellen.

My friend Anna posted about how to win the writing head game.

Australian author Rebecca James shared about her struggle with Second Book Syndrome.

The Millions posted a list of books hilariously re-titled to get more clicks.

At the Rabbit Room, an awesome realization from a re-reading of The Silver Chair.

I really like Taylor Swift, but even I had to admit this was hilarious.

And in the WORST of the web …

Jo Rowling says she regrets the Ron/Hermione pairing.

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