Best of the Web: Jackie’s Picks, Part III

bestofthewebThe latest and greatest stuff I have seen and heard online lately:

25 Things You Should Know about Young Adult Fiction by Chuck Wendig Hilarious and acerbic and very, VERY insightful look at YA!

My Take: How Churches Can Respond to Mental Illness by Ed Stetzer | Loved this clear outline of ways that Christ’s body can care for its hurting members!

Epilogue by Brienna Rossiter | Lovely poem, lovely girl.

Seven Literary Quotations We Suggest You Memorize by Josh Sorokach | This was published on the Barnes & Noble blog, and I thought it was hilarious, wannabe pretentious, and potentially useful!

My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler | This is the BEST Pinterest board I’ve ever seen.  It’s absolutely hilarious!!  The best part is the writing.

The Danger of Doubt by Fletcher Wortmann | Just a very well-written article about OCD.

How Much Should You Pay for a Freelance Novel Editor? by Ellen Brock | A fascinating breakdown how much your money will get you.

The Science Delusion | This banned TED Talk was astonishing– and gave me comfort, in an odd, ironic way.  No one really knows anything. 🙂

Amplifying Motion in Videos … | This video blew my mind.  Technology AMAZES me.  We can now see the invisible.

Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate | Incredible bike trick video– and wildly original!

And just for fun …

Basic Needs: Extreme Happiness | So, basically this man was on Day 86 of an expedition to/from the South Pole, and he reaches one of his caches but doesn’t remember what food he left for himself there.  Check out the sheer joy when he sees what is there.  Watch all the way to the end for the Hallelujah chorus!

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