Things That Make Life Easier for Readers

stack of booksI work a full-time job and write almost every single day while maintaining relationships with friends and family.  Sometimes people ask me, Where do you find time to read?

Others wonder, Where do you find out about all these books?  

And others, But how can you afford your book-buying habit?

These are the tools that allow me to keep up an active and enjoyable reading life.

1. Audio books & multi-tasking.
The truth of the matter is that I simply would not be able to read as much as I do without embracing audiobooks.  I listen while I fall asleep at night, while I get ready in the morning, and while I’m in my car.

2. Audible & multi-tasking.
Again, audiobooks.  A fantastic and flexible subscription to allows me to have almost any audiobook on hand anytime I want it.  I listen to these when CDs don’t make sense: while exercising, while tanning.

3. I repeat: multi-tasking.
I don’t do anything mindless without listening to a book, a TEDtalk, or a John Green video.  I mean, if I even want to play a quick game of Tetris, I make sure I have something to listen to.

4. Book blogs & Bloglovin.
I follow 85 blogs,over 50 of them writing- or reading-related.  I couldn’t keep up with this many blogs without the help of my blog reader,  It’s easy and intuitive and a time-saver!

5. Google Alerts.
How do I decide which book blogs to follow?  I have Google Alerts for my favorite authors, so every day I’m emailed news and posts about them.  If a blogger loves one of my favorite authors or books, I add them to my Bloglovin reader (assuming they have a similar taste as mine!).

6. Goodreads.
I don’t use Goodreads as much as some other readers, but I do like that it gives me personalized recommendations and that I can read quotes from the book before I decide to read it.  The reviews can be hit or miss without any context for the reviewer (i.e. How do I know if this person has good taste?), but they are sometimes helpful.  It’s also nice to see a collective reader rating on a book before diving in.

7. Barnes & Noble membership & Mastercard.
My membership gives me free shipping on everything (worth exponentially more than the membership dues), and my Mastercard gives me Barnes & Noble giftcards as rewards.  I keep my wishlist items in the “save for later” bin on the B&N website, and when a giftcard arrives in the mail, I spent it in about seven seconds.

Hope you’ve found something helpful in this list!  I’d love to hear YOUR best tips!

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