Tricho Relief

Trichotillomania: compulsively pulling out one’s hair. Yeah.I’ve written about it on this blog before, briefly explaining my experience and also wondering if I would ever have victory over it. I’m in an online support group, and I just shared with them what has been working for me, and I thought I should also post it here on my website.

Friends, I want to share something that has finally made a difference for me!! When I take Cortisol Calm (one supplement in the AM, one in the PM), I. Have. Not. Been. Pulling.It feels like a miracle. I’ve been doing this a few months now and my pull sites are growing. I have one spot on the back of my head where I have had a sprig of hair that never gets longer than 1.5-2 inches, but now it is growing out. It is probably 6 inches and slowly beginning to “match” (cant think of a better word!) with the rest of my hair and blend in. Two other pull sites are also growing.I hesitated to share this at first because I really don’t want it to feel like an ad (it’s not) or like a promise (it’s not) or like medical advice (it’s not, although it was recommended to me by my doctor). But it is working wonders for me, and if it can help anyone else, I wanted to share.I’m just posting the link to the current lowest price online, but you can google it to make sure it’s still the current lowest. I hope this helps someone!

Current lowest price I see onlinecortisolcalmI’d also like to share my hair re-growth. This doesn’t embarrass me, but I am sensitive to the fact that, for many, trichotillomania affects a much larger surface area than mine does. I don’t want my post or videos to ignore or diminish that truth.


I’ve mentioned my trichotillomania before on my blog, but I don’t talk about it very often.  It’s not OCD, but it probably lies on the obsessive-compulsive spectrum.

Trichotillomania by j4d3 on deviantArt

Trichotillomania by j4d3 on deviantArt

As an OC, I can tell that it is different but related.  In my experience, it’s not induced by an intrusive thought, although I do pull out my hair significantly more when I’m stressed.  Usually, I will feel a hair on my scalp that doesn’t feel like the others, and it doesn’t feel “right” until I pull it out.  So, in that sense it does function kind of like my compulsions.

I pull from the crown of my scalp.  I have a little sprig of hair there that I have to hide.  It’s been this way for maybe a decade.

Interestingly, I want to pull out other people’s hair too.  If they have black hair and I see a couple pieces of gray, I want to pull them.  Like, REALLY bad.

A former therapist encouraged me to squeeze my fist as tight as possible when I want to pull– I tried it, and it fascinatingly does mimic the release I get from pulling my hair.  Sometimes I try that.

I’m so grateful to have my OCD under control.  I wonder if I’ll ever feel the same about my tricho.