my sister’s powerful dream

On the night of March 1st, 2004, my sister Kristin had this incredible dream that I’d like to share with you.  Here she describes it in her own words:

Jesus is thrown into a whipping cage and I am thrown in with him by accident. He lays on me and says “I do not want anything to touch you. I love you SO much and because of that love I am going through this. I do not want that whip to touch you at all”. As he is saying this he is being whipped over and over again. I am crying and trying to hug him, but he won’t let me because he does not want any chance of the whip touching me. Blood is dripping on me, and there is so much because of how long they keep whipping him. I am seeing this up close and he is telling me over and over even with the whip hitting him, that he loves me so much and is going through this horrible death because he loves me. I am sobbing by this time. 

Can you imagine?  To experience this protection of Christ in a firsthand way like that?  Living in this century, when we view Christ’s great rescue, it always seems to be from the spectator seat, not looking up from the base of the cross while His blood drips onto us.  Even though it was sad and intense, I wish the dream had been mine.  That is an experience to hold onto for life.