Lights All Around

I am so, so grateful to be a writer, but I so wish that I were gifted at the visual arts.  I love looking at beautiful images; in fact, I kind of collect them.  For years, I subscribed to ARTNews magazine, and I’d go through each issue with a pair of scissors, cutting out all my favorites.  Quite a lot of them made it into the collages that now grace my apartment walls.  I spend a fair amount of time (more than I probably should) selecting the right image for each of my blog posts.

A few weeks ago, I went a little crazy searching for images of lights (well, mostly lights).  For your viewing pleasure (but mostly for mine), I present them to you here:








Beautiful, yes?  I wish I could take pictures or paint or draw or sculpt.  But I create images with words, and I love that even more!