Lights All Around

I am so, so grateful to be a writer, but I so wish that I were gifted at the visual arts.  I love looking at beautiful images; in fact, I kind of collect them.  For years, I subscribed to ARTNews magazine, and I’d go through each issue with a pair of scissors, cutting out all my favorites.  Quite a lot of them made it into the collages that now grace my apartment walls.  I spend a fair amount of time (more than I probably should) selecting the right image for each of my blog posts.

A few weeks ago, I went a little crazy searching for images of lights (well, mostly lights).  For your viewing pleasure (but mostly for mine), I present them to you here:








Beautiful, yes?  I wish I could take pictures or paint or draw or sculpt.  But I create images with words, and I love that even more!

“Light is sown like seed for the righteous
And gladness for the upright in heart.”
Psalm 97:11

The mighty Creator reaches into the canvas bag
slung over His celestial shoulder, and His hands,
which hold the cosmos, take out a small
ball of light like a tiny white sun.

He gently runs his hand over the top of the sphere
and tiny particles break off from the surface like
pin pricks of light, like glitter, which He takes and
scatters toward the earth, a gift for His people.

There is still that glowing orb of gladness in His hands.
He rakes a furrow into the surface of my chest
and places it there with His own fingers,
then closes the rut with His palm.