OCD Awareness Week

This is OCD Awareness Week.  It is my great hope that this blog is chipping away at the misunderstandings about obsessive-compulsive disorder.  These are truths I know:

* OCD is a thief.
Obsessive-compulsives are not alone or crazy.
* Although there is currently no known cure for OCD, there is an incredibly effective treatment for it– and tools that keep it well in-check!
* The general public still doesn’t understand OCD, which is much more than just being a “neat freak.”
* Obsessive-compulsives are some of the bravest and most compassionate people I know.

Care to add some truths?  Leave a comment!

A Night to Believe 2012, Part One

I am so excited to announce that I will be reading an excerpt from my novel, Lights All Around, at “A Night to Believe” next month, culminating OCD Awareness Week!  I emailed today with Michael from the International OCD Foundation, and they are purchasing my flight to Boston and two nights in the Sheraton.  I am beyond thrilled to attend and SO excited to share part of my story with the OCD community.

Thank you to everyone who voted for my submission!  I will update again after the event … which I am nervous about (a little) … reading the excerpt will be an exposure in and of itself.  Nothing like ERPT right in front of a crowd, eh?  🙂  I think I am up to it.

Is anyone else from the blogosphere going to be at this event?  I’d love to meet you, if so!