My YouTube Obsession

Random 5 Friday is a weekly meme over at A Rural Journal.

Today … details about my YouTube obsession!

1. The VlogBrothers (Hank and John Green) are my favorites.  I’m a total Nerdfighter and watch every one of their videos, which are posted Tuesdays and Fridays.  I proudly donated to Project for Awesome as a member of Nerdfighteria.  On a strange but related note, I don’t watch but love to listen to the John Plays FIFA videos on HankGames, just so that I can soak up everything John Green has to say about (pretty much) any issue.  Somewhere in the midst of learning John’s fascinating views on fan fiction, what minors should/shouldn’t be allowed to do, academic grades, writing and literature, etc., I ended up kinda falling in love with the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers.


2. Miranda Sings makes me laugh almost every single video.  Colleen Ballinger is the comedian behind the Miranda Sings characters, an awkward homeschooler with a horrible singing voice– but who thinks she’s incredible.  My favorite part of each video are the “Fan and Hate Mail of the Day” bits.  The hate mail is particularly enjoyable, especially because most people don’t know it’s an act.  I hope I didn’t spoil it for you!


3. Craig “Wheezy Waiter” Benzine is one of the most creative people out there.  If you watch even a week’s worth of his videos, you’ll already start to be a part of about 100 inside jokes.  I wore my “Explosion Wednesday” t-shirt when Wheezy’s band Driftless Pony Club came to Minneapolis, and I definitely shouted, “I love you, Craig!” from the audience.  Cuz I’m creepy like that, I guess.


4. The WHATTHEBUCKSHOW is another favorite.  Michael Buckley reports on celebrity gossip in a fast-talking-no-holds-barred-hilariously-endearing way.  He even replied to one of my comments, which, out of context, is going to make ZERO sense to you.


5. Nor can I get enough of Arturo Trejo, Alex Day, Kory DeSoto, and Mitchell Davis.


6. I think I might be a loser. 🙂