Truest Behind the Scenes

Writers are weird. At least, this one is.

* I know my characters’ middle names, though they are not mentioned in the book.
* I have a couple important scenes written from multiple POVs.
* I could send you links to a couple of their very real outfit choices.
* I have already casted the movie version of Truest. Which is not a real thing.

And though John Green would emphatically disagree with me …

* I have a decent idea of what happens to the characters after the story ends.

But …

* There is one Big Question in the book that I don’t know the answer to.


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Faith & Truest

成功への鍵I wrote Truest with God.

That might sound crazy, but it’s true. From beginning to end, this book was a collaborative project. I conferred and brainstormed with God on a continual basis. Any time I got stuck, I would retreat to my prayer journal and talk it over with God. It was typically during these conversations that the Spirit would give me his best ideas. I was more than happy to take them.

I understand that for those of you who aren’t theists this sounds preposterous. You’re welcome to believe that those brainstorming sessions were actually between me, myself, and I, but I know my limitations. I was not alone.

One of the cool things about Truest is that it’s a story for everyone. People who aren’t religious can enjoy the story at one level, and people who are will enjoy it at a different one. How to make that happen was itself a revelation.

It was a Monday evening. I had plans later that night in Hudson, Wisconsin, about forty-five minutes from my home, and I was lying down in bed, thinking over how in the world to make Truest the story I needed to tell while at the same time the story my agent believed could sell. As I lay there, a word came to my mind: parables. The word burrowed in.

I read and re-read what Christ said about his parables: that they were the way they were so that people who were seeking the deeper meaning would find it and people who weren’t would not. I prayed about it a lot and sat down to re-frame some of my most important scenes.

While I, of course, hope that many people will read between the lines of my story, I know that many will not– and I believe that that is okay. The book is written (or rather, was re-written) so that anyone at any level should be able to jump in and participate.

I cannot wait for you to read it. September 1, folks. Get pumped. I am.

PW Rights Report

Allow me to freak out for one moment?  I was scrolling through my Publishers Weekly e-newsletter today and came face to face with this:


Fun surprise, no?

You can click the image if you want to see it in context on the website.

This is starting to feel so real!

To learn more about Truest, click here.  Read a sample chapter here.

Big News: I Have an Agent!

Hi friends!  I have some exciting news on the writing front.  I now have a literary agent!


What this doesn’t mean:

A book deal.  Not yet.  🙂

What this does mean:

I am one step closer to a book deal.  Most publishers don’t accept unsolicited manuscripts, so authors need an agent– a middle-man– whom publishers trust and who will represent the authors.  Steven Chudney of The Chudney Agency thinks my manuscript is lovely, and he already has ideas about which publishers he’d like to send it to.  I’m so grateful that he’s taking a chance on me and Truest!

I had no idea that querying was going to be such an emotional journey for me.  I’ll be blogging about it soon!

For now, I just wanted to share this fun news with my blogging community.  I am so grateful to Steven Chudney for this opportunity and so grateful to you blog readers for faithfully reading about my life, experiences, and opinions, and for caring so deeply about my personal writing journey.

Next step: revisions!