Random Facts about Me

unsplash7.21. The only countries I’ve been to outside of the US are the Dominican Republic and Canada. Both of those trips were in high school. I’d very much like to see others, but I don’t want to travel alone.

2. The nurse who helped deliver me as a baby was also the nurse who gave me my shots for college, and I kept thinking how she was probably thinking how much of a baby I still was. (I really hate needles.)

3. My favorite hardwood is cherry. There’s a lot of it in my apartment.

4. My college friend Yexy was an international student from Venezuela who called me by a nickname for most of college. When I finally asked what it meant, it was “Jackie from Hell.” Thanks, Yexy.

5. I like visual art a lot. You should check out Loui Jover.

6. I grew up on a tiny beef farm. Sorry to my vegetarian readers.

7. My car’s radio is most often tuned to the 90s station on satellite radio. Love me some Gin Blossoms.

8. In college, I wanted to create a commune and live with all my friends. These days, that sounds horrible.

9. I think I’m funnier in real life than I am in my writing.

10. My favorite sports teams are the Wimbledon Wimbly Womblies and the Swindontown Swoodilypoopers. DFTBA.