empty tomb2I. LOVE. EASTER.

Today I celebrate the event that makes everything– everything!— different for me!  Jesus Christ, who died, is ALIVE!

My purpose comes from the resurrection.  The resurrection puts weights in my shoes, tethers me from drifting into nothingness.  The resurrection injects meaning into my daily life like a holy syringe.

On Easter morning, I wake with this feeling of power and pride– pride in my Savior and joy in knowing that the Spirit that raised Christ from the dead is living in me!  Makes me want to start throwing air punches along to the Rocky theme song!

Or how about this song instead?  This is one of my favorite songs about Easter, especially for the line, “The mouth of the tomb shouted, ‘Glory!  The groom is alive!'”  So. Good.

Enjoy, and may you truly REVEL in the delight of the resurrection today and every day.