Not Afraid to Tell the Truth


This graphic pretty much sums up why.

I swear, the more I open up my mouth and tell my story, the more people do the same. It’s freeing for us both.

I’ve said before that since it’s easier to say, “Me too,” I’m willing to share first and give the other person that benefit. It’s been a tremendous blessing in my life to finally be unmasked.

Look, I know that the world is not a safe place. I’m not saying that you have to announce your secrets to the world. And I’m definitely not saying that you should feel ashamed if you choose to keep them.

But that said, telling my story has taken away much of my shame and given me freedom and joy. I want that for you too.

I dare you to find one person– one safe person– and take off your mask this week. Tell your story; it’s okay if you’re timid. I was a mouse about my OCD once upon another life. Now I get to be the lion.


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