I Have a Good Feeling about 2014

new year cropped

Note: I understand that just a few hours ago I posted about how depression has stolen into my life this very day.  Below is a post I wrote weeks ago, and I’m still going to let it go live because I know that what I’m feeling with depression is a lie and what the post says below is true.  I’d still appreciate your prayers.

I am so excited for 2014!

One year ago I wrote an honest post about how different my life was than what I thought it would be.  I jabbered on a lot about wanting to be in a relationship, but I also mentioned that I wished I had an advanced degree and that people wanted to read what I wrote.

So, 2013 unrolled itself in interesting ways.  I’m still drastically single (I don’t even see the tiny silhouette of a man on the distant horizon, waving my way), but 2013 saw my writing career finally take off with winning the Katherine Paterson Prize and then securing a two-book deal with Katherine Tegen Books/HarperCollins.  I applied to Vermont College of Fine Arts and was admitted, but my editor said I already knew how to write a book, so I am going to cancel my admission there.

(A part of me is a little sad about this.  I think I’ll always wish I was a VCFA alumnus.)

(Most of me, however, is thrilled that I can focus on writing a book instead of doing homework.)

All that said, it’s an interesting precipice to stand on– here, this edge of 2013, staring off into the uncharted lands of 2014.  2014 is an unwritten story, and those always make me nervous– and excited.