Head Canon

Note: this is spoiler-free, because these “truths” exist only in my head, far beyond the books …


Hannah and Jude are married, and Taylor stays with them when she comes home from uni in Sydney, where she and Jonah are friends with Frankie, Will, Justine, Tom, and Tara. Ben, of course, introduced them all.

Puck lives with Sean in his father’s house; they raise horses together.

Ron almost has a heart attack when Rose brings home her boyfriend Scorpius.

When Leo asks Stargirl to marry him, she hands him the same note she got from him years before.

And when she is older, the book thief falls deeply in love with a Jewish fist-fighter.

Cor eventually knocks Corin down– when it comes to Aravis.

Viola is there when he wakes up.

And, of course, Eleanor and Park live in Minneapolis … in the apartment across the hall from mine.



Image credit: Ulf Bodin