Sequels I am Dying to Read

1. While City of Bones wasn’t my favorite, every TMI (The Mortal Instruments) book got better and better.  I am dying to learn what will happen to Jace and Clary (and Simon, Isabelle, Alec, Magnus, Maya, and Jordan too!).  Oh, and Sebastian …


2. I love Aria and Perry and NEEDTOKNOW how everything shakes out.  Will the Tides and the Dwellers be able to live in peace?  Will they find the still blue?  And what about Roar??  (Spoiler free but hinty: I’m not convinced about Liv.)


3. I was so completely irate with Juliette at the end of Unravel Me!  I mean, pissed.  I need to see how this whole clustercuss is going to end up.


How about you?