Better than a Bandaid

“Healing” cancer with a Bandaid is the same as “healing” OCD with compulsions.  In short, you’re not healing ANYTHING.

In other words, all those things that obsessive-compulsives do to alleviate the tremendous anxiety they feel?  Not helpful.  Asking for reassurance, obsessive confessing, reciting prayers and phrases, repeating rituals that make you feel “okay” or “balanced,” washing your hands, etc.– they are just Bandaids plastered right over the cancer of OCD.

To effectively go for the “root” of OCD, you have to resist those compulsions.  Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy is recognized as THE best treatment for OCD.bandaid

Skip the talk therapy.
Skip the (many) reassurances.
Skip the rituals.
Skip the confessions.

Go for the jugular with ERP.

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