Book Characters I’d Like Updates On

I’ve told you before that I think a lot about book characters outside of the actual novels. Here are a few characters I’d like to check in with.

Susan Pevensie | After the railway accident … (I’ve actually thought about this one so much that I wrote a story about it called “Nine Names“)

Raffy & Chaz | In Jellicoe Road, it is hinted that these two have a story that continues. I want to know it.

Jimmy Hailer | Always. And Melina Marchetta keeps hinting that we’re actually going to get his story too:

jimmy hailer 2

Rose Weasley | And Scorpius Malfoy too. Duh.

poppetPoppet Murray | Take me back to The Night Circus please, Erin Morgenstern– I want Poppet and Bailey’s love story!

Maddie Brodatt & Jamie Beaufort-Stuart | Fascinated by these two from Code Name:Verity and Rose Under Fire. Want more.

Puck & Sean | But of course. I’ve got my head-canon, but I want Maggie Stiefvater’s words.

Quintana of Charyn | If you can’t tell, my answer is always, “More Marchetta please!”

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