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The view from Goodreads:

“Truest is one of those books that will destroy you in the best way possible. Truest is more than a book: it’s a window, a conversation.”

“Truest is a gorgeously-written, carefully researched and well thought out story. It made me think more deeply than many novels written for adults that I have read. I would give it 10 stars if I could.”

“This is an outstanding debut, charming, funny, unbelievably moving and a deep sort of soul searching. This book was moving in a completely unexpected way, it just sort of hit me out of nowhere. If you are looking for a novel with depth, power and beauty, then Truest is the book for you.”

“Fans of John Green will devour this once-in-a-generation novel.”

“Characters so real and developed that I’ve been missing them since I finished.”

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a whole new way to look at things (and myself)

Needing this reminder tonight.

Getting reviews is hard.


I can’t tell you how blessed I am to know Judy Hougen.

I had coffee on Friday night with my former writing instructor, who is so full of wisdom that she can’t help but share life-giving insight.  We were discussing my recent blog post in which I fretted over mediocrity.

“I don’t think in terms of success and failure anymore,” she told me.  “I’ve trained myself out of thinking that way.  It’s better to think in terms of faithfulness and unfaithfulness.  You are being faithful with the gifts that God has given you, and that is not a mediocre thing.”

Judy reminded me that that success/failure framework is all about us, but faithfulness/unfaithfulness frames things in our relationship to Godand those are the questions believers need to be asking.

I felt a little like a kaleidoscope that had just been given a good shake: a…

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The Magic of Saturn

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What’s your favorite star-gazing memory? In college, I took astronomy and got to see Saturn through a powerful telescope. That experience worked its way into my novel. To learn more about Truest, click here.

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