nOCD, an ERP App/Hero

If you’ve spent time around this blog, you know that I wrestled my life and freedom back from the clutches of obsessive-compulsive disorder in 2008. (Read more about my story at

From the onset of my symptoms to my diagnosis: 15 years.
From my diagnosis to appropriate treatment (ERP): 5 years.
From treatment to freedom: 12 weeks. (<–Read that again please.)

Exposure and response prevention (ERP) therapy is powerful, friends.

On average, it takes OCD sufferers 14-17 years to get the correct diagnosis and treatment. This is not okay. 

So many OCD sufferers cannot afford treatment. In some countries, ERP therapy is simply not available. In fact, in some countries, the stigma associated with having a brain disorder like OCD is so strong that sufferers would not dare admit to needing help. This is not okay. 

The creators of the nOCD app felt the same way. One contacted me and said, “Our goal is to reduce the time it takes for people with OCD to get effective treatment (from decades to minutes).” He said, “One thing advocacy has shown me is the need for OCD treatment in other countries! There are people in Bangladesh, India, etc that have literally nobody! My team is actually building a 24/7 support community within nOCD to combat this issue.”

The app is FREE and, I-hope-I-hope-I-hope, going to change the world.

Some of the very best things about this app:


Right now it’s available for iPhones, but this fall, the Android version will come out. Please check it out here. And be sure to tell me what you think!

xoxo Jackie

17 thoughts on “nOCD, an ERP App/Hero

  1. I haven’t tried nOCD yet, but one guy contacted me via Facebook, to actually spread the word about this app and I really look forward to try it ! ( Let us all raise our hands, us with Android phones!)

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  4. Also there is a question I’ve been meaning to ask is it normal to get less anxious about HOCD thoughts such as “you might be gay” after u have had the thoughts for a while bc that is what is happening to me

  5. Omg just started nOCD and it’s already helping it makes me think they r just meaningless thoughts and none of them matter bc that’s not what I️ want the app helps so much

  6. NOCD just feels like temporary relief and I’m so scared bc i feel like all my HOCD thoughts r tru and i am so scared and i feel like if i accept I’m a fr lesbian i might feel better but when i tyr to i know it’s not tru and I really need help my life is ending and i really need help and i don’t know what to do can someone plz help me i really don’t know what to do i just want to die sometimes i really need help 😭

  7. Oh thank u sometimes i just get really depressed and wonder why am I doing this I’m gonna have HOCD forever and will probably turn into a lesbian and live my life as a miserably person and I’m only 12 and my life is over but thank u i know I have to persevere and in time it will get better and I will try to dumb thinking the dumb depressing thoughts like the one shown above

  8. ERP has been pretty helpful lately but i can’t use it as much bc i am really big my one problem is it feels as if i don’t like guys as much anymore and i do t like girls but i always feel an urge to smile if I’m thinking about HOCD and am around a girl and I keep thinking how do i know it’s hocd and not denial and I like and really want to like boys but I just don’t know what to do

  9. And sometimes I feel as if I’m living a lie like I only say i like boys bc I do t want to like girls which isn’t tru i don’t think i really do like boys but idk y anything is happening and I’m so upset😭😭😭😭

    • Honey, I know what it feels like to be so tormented this way. I promise you it doesn’t always have to be this way. I promise. You’re at a hard age and in a hard situation for getting the help you truly need. Can you check some books about OCD out at the library? Learning more would be a great step.

  10. Is it normal to feel less attracted to boys. I have absolutely no attraction to girls and I still like boys but for some reason it feels as if I’m slightly less attracted to them (I’m a 12 year old girl btw) but I feel less attracted since I started thinking hocd thoughts

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